Yk'Lagor the Thunderous

Yk'lagor being sick, but who could care less.


Yk'Lagor the Thunderous, otherwise known as Yk'Lagor or just Lag, is the flagship monster of the Occult floors in Dungeoneering. He requires level 89 Dungeoneering to fight, alongside a good connection, a decent team, a spare 90 minutes and nothing fucking else productive to do. He is another of the Kal'Gerion demons, except he's sort of not. He's meant to be extremely powerful, but seeing as he's Failure by some mages, maybe he's sort of not. He was meant to be a new and challenging fight, except he's sort of not.

Fighting Yk'LagorEdit

After taking a screenshot of him and uploading it to your retarded RuneScape fansite, populated with a whole 7 gurning, idiotic kids, you'll walk in, and immediately be hit in the face by amateur voice acting like someone punching you with the fist of stupid. First, you have to fuck up those idiotic mages who seem to not realise the sheer amount of shit they walked into, and as soon as they turn to face you, Yk'Lagor enters Rage Mode and ruins them. And now, like an elitist twat, thinks he can fuck up your team of 5 just as easy. Hilariously, he does.

After Jagex being waterlogged with complaints that Yk'Lagor is too easy (surely some mistake? - Angels) one of the Jagex Mods decided to have a bit of a jolly and say there was a way to beat Yk'Lagor WITHOUT TAKING ANY DAMAGE AT ALL .

(At the time of writing this, Captain Obvious flew in through my window, and informed me this is no longer possible.)

Seeing as no one has given enough of a shit about RuneScape to bother getting 89 Dungeoneering, you're going to have to go on some retarded RuneScape fansite (Deja vu?) for your HOW DO I KILL MONSTER. Life isn't fair, deal with it.

(Will this do? - Stormy)

(No, you're fired. - Angels)

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