Details Edit

Official quest description: A giant rabbit is invading A rapist's house, you need to kill it to gain secrets and shit.
Release date: Who cares. (Update)
Start: Go to Professor Oak's laboratory in Taverly
Difficulty: *****
Length: Short
Members only: What do you think?
Requirements: None
Items needed:
  • Absolutely fucking nothing for once.
Monsters to kill: None

Walkthrough Edit

Getting your first PokemonEdit

Go to Professor Oak's laboratory and talk to him, Get asked a few odd questions and get your Pokemon- But wait, the lazy fuck needs to kill a giant Rabbit in his bedroom. Your told to get your ass over to Runefapper Mountain to search the corpse of a raped and slaughtered guy for some Pubic Hair's.

The hunt for Pubic HairEdit

Once you arrive at Runefapper Mountain (Make sure to wear some shoes, that isn't snow!) You have 2 options:

  • Find the Raped dead guy and grab the Pubic hair in his bag.
  • Kill 2 Runefappers and take their Pubic hair.

You obtained a Poochyena!Edit

Head back to Professor Oak- Dear God why is he naked. Uh... Anyway, Give him the Pubic Hair and he gives you free crap and tells you to make a Poochyena in his Basement. Do that and make some Growl scrolls to lower your enemies Attack.

The final battleEdit

Go upstairs, Don't slip on the white stuff and avoid the crying children in the cage over there, Summon your Poochyena and tell it to use Growl, the Rabbit teleports to hell and you get your rewards, the changing room is over there.

Rewards Edit

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