Location on World map
Ghorrock Wilderness Agility Course Chaos Elemental
Wilderness Volcano

Devised as a means to test players' ability to endure repetitive clicking while looking at a harsh environment, this torture camp agility course is second only to this hell-hole in terms of experience per hour and virtual pain.

Contrary to popular opinon, the Wilderness Agility Course is not for training Agility; but instead is used to house in players so they can be slain by player killers.

What makes it so fearsome?Edit

As this Agility Course is set in the very deep Wilderness, you will find that this time it actually is a dangerous place. Unlike that place you can afk while your cannon blows apart Green Dragons.

In the "Deep Wilderness", the majority of revenants can attack you, and they can poison as well. As you're training Agility, you won't be packing any armour, so their ability to use all three combat styles means


Oh, and in case you didn't know, teleports don't work up there, so if you don't fancy your chances against those pesky ghosts, your only alternatives are:

Pking WorldsEdit

Personally, I'd rather face the over-powered ghosts, but if you think you can negotiate with the Runescape version of Einstein, you'll have no need for this article, nor my advice on how to avoid the lolurdead special.

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