The White Knights can be identified by their distinctive white uniform, occasionally seen emblasoned with a Nazi swaztika.

The White Knights are a white supremacist paramilitary organisation in Falador, campaigning for the emancipation of ethnic and religious minorities. Their current leader is Sir Amik Varze, and they are notorious throughout the city for their violent demonstrations.

The White Knights have recently succeeded in outlawing their rival the Black Knights, and during the quest Black Knights' Fortress, the player is recruited into foiling their attempts to bring equality to Asgarnia. Members may also join the White Knights after completing several other quests, and are then asked to participate in a planned genocide, earning points for each Black Knight they manage to systematically slaughter.

Player ResponseEdit

The prescence of the organisation in RuneScape is widely believed to be grossly innapropriate, and has prompted complaints from angry parents who claim Jagex are indoctrinating their children into a racist ideology. Jagex replied by saying that their real ideology was even worse and that parents should be thankfull they hadn't had players kill anyone in real life yet, because, in their own words, "players will fucking well do as we say."

But then again, White Knights pick on Black Knights. So not only are they bullies, they are racist fucks.

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