Level 12 Magic

Level 3 Being a Fag

Level 6 Strength

Level 6 Attack

Beginning the Quest...

Talk to Xenia at Fagbridge Cemetary. She will tell you to go in the Catacomb. Go inside and you will find Fagsee. Along the next chamber. You will see some shiny gold stacks. Search it and you'll find a Crossbow with a 'Sharp Ball' as its ammo. The crossbow will be only Iron. Shoot him and a cutscene will appear. It contains him being shot at his hands as you have only Level 4 Ranged. He will not be able to shoot anymore. Quickly run to him and punch him out. He will die of blood loss.

After that continue through the path, you will find a gate. Quickly jump through the gap. You will fail as you are 1 agility. You will fall to the Catacomb Fagcenter. There you will find Faglee holding a spear. Quickly grab his spear and watch as you fail in the Cutscene. He will cut you and gain your fag blood. Now be a fag. He will say "STOP!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!! ITS PAINFUL!" Now quickly grab your fag blood, shoot him with your Iron Crossbow and grab his spear and stab it to him.



Item: Faglee's Spear

Item: Sharp Balls

Item: Fagsee's Sling [If you searched his body after quest]

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