A Wizard has found a way to craft runes.

First Age:

Technique: Rocks

Air Runes: Engrave your rock with the Air Symbol, after that throw it from a hill. It will be charged.

Water Runes: Engrave your rock with the Water Symbol, after that dip it in water for 1 hour. It will be charged.

Fire Runes: Engrave your rock with the Fire Symbol, after that throw it inside a furnace. Pull it out and then burn it. It will be charged.

Earth Runes: NONE

Death Runes: Engrave your rock with the Death Symbol, after that kill someone and then absorb their energy into the rock. It will be charged.

Nature Runes: NONE

Mud Runes: Water runes and give it some dust.

Smoke runes: Air runes and burn it.

Mind Runes: Chop off someones brain and carve it into a rune with the mind symbol.

Body Runes: Cook someones body and then carve it into a rune with the body symbol, after that paint it blue.

Law Runes: Listen to a Judge or read a rule book with a Rock with a Law symbol carved to it.

Chaos Runes: Make a war and then throw those rocks with the Chaos Symbol Engraved.

Blood Runes: Drink Blood, Eat the rock engraved with the water symbol, but painted red so its blood. And then when you poop, you'll have a very sharp pain in your anus, and after its done, put your hand in and you'll find the Blood Rune.

Second Age: Same as First AGe

Third Age: Somebody found a portal to Rune Essence. But still the same way..

Fourth Age: Weird..

Air Runes: They cut off someones body, take the lungs, put the Rune Essence in a Saradomin Altar and then they charge it.

The rest are the same.

Fifth Age: Someone found a portal to the Rune Altars.

All ways are the same as today.

Sixth Age: Same as today

Seventh Age Prediction: Same way

Eight Age Prediction: The Altars will run out of powers and someone will find this book. They will do it as same in first age.

Ninth Age Prediction: They sure will find this book but Ninth Age+ are enchanted with spells that doesnt allow you to read them. Same as first age.

Tenth Age Prediction: They will become bored from doing it in the first age, especially the blood runes. So they do it like the second age.

Eleventh Age Prediction: They'll find a way to Make runes from their own Powers.

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