• Fag Knats

    First Age:

    It is the God Wars Time.

    Melee: Godswords

    Ranged: God Bows

    Magic: Spells and Staffs

    Prayers: Curses and Prayers

    Second Age:

    Same as First Age

    Third Age:

    Still the same as First and Second Age

    Fourth Age:

    Bronze - Adamant

    Fifth Age:

    Godswords are Re-Found and its upgraded to until god armours.

    Predictions are yet to come..

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  • Fag Knats

    Book of Runescape: Runes

    November 7, 2013 by Fag Knats

    A Wizard has found a way to craft runes.

    First Age:

    Technique: Rocks

    Air Runes: Engrave your rock with the Air Symbol, after that throw it from a hill. It will be charged.

    Water Runes: Engrave your rock with the Water Symbol, after that dip it in water for 1 hour. It will be charged.

    Fire Runes: Engrave your rock with the Fire Symbol, after that throw it inside a furnace. Pull it out and then burn it. It will be charged.

    Earth Runes: NONE

    Death Runes: Engrave your rock with the Death Symbol, after that kill someone and then absorb their energy into the rock. It will be charged.

    Nature Runes: NONE

    Mud Runes: Water runes and give it some dust.

    Smoke runes: Air runes and burn it.

    Mind Runes: Chop off someones brain and carve it into a rune with the mind…

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  • Fag Knats

    FagexQuest - Kill a Hill

    November 7, 2013 by Fag Knats


    Level 12 Magic

    Items: All the elemental runes x80

    Talk to Ranter at Ourdoom. He will tell you to kill a hill.

    He will teleport you to that hill and simply forge the runes on the furnace and anvil he summoned. You'll make an Elemental Rune.

    Use it Ranter and he'll teach you the spell.

    Bam! Cast it at the mountain and.. QUEST COMPLETE!!


    Now Useable: Elemental Rune

    Spell: Fire Volcano

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  • Fag Knats


    • Must have completed the Quest Health Hazards


    Modded Points



    Recharge Full Modded Armour Includig the ones from the Minigame - 120,000 Points

    Modded Helmet Upgrade - 6900 Points

    Modded Platebody Upgrade - 20,700 Points

    Modded Platelegs Upgrade - 13,800 Points

    Modded Boots Upgrade - 3450 Points

    Modded Gloves Upgrade - 3450 Points

    Modded Cape Upgrade - 100,000 Points

    Modded Aura Upgrade [Greater] - 250,000 Points [Master] 1,000,000 Points [Supreme] 2,500,069 Points

    Modded Scrimshaw Upgrade - 9,876,540 Points

    Modded Ring Upgrade - 999,999,999 Points

    Modded Sword Upgrade - 500,000,000 Points

    Modded Shield Upgrade - 500,000,000 Points


    Modded Cape - 50,000 Points

    Modded Aura - 123,456 Points

    Modded Scrimshaw - 987,65…

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  • Fag Knats


    Warning, Annoying

    Beginning the Quest:

    Talk to Fag Reaper at Fagbridge.

    He will cut open one of the fountains and it will suck you inside.

    It will lead into his mansion.

    In his mansion you will get 913 Stackable Crystals. Now use it on Fag Reaper. You will get his scythe. He will regenerate another scythe and challenge you.

    Fight him but BEWARE! He can instantly kill you. And thats what defaultly happens. Oops I forgot to tell you that he will steal ALL your stuffs in inventory, equipped even in bank! You'll be transported to his mansion again. Now ask him to give it back. He will say no. Quickly release his scythe, because his scythe cannot be stolen. Now use his scythe on him. A Cutscene will appear. You will stab his head with the scyt…

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