(What the...? Why wasn't I logged in when I made this? - Stormy)

Greetings extremely bored and addicted individuals!

Today we bring you a great new method for training Ranged and Magic for those who are very low leveled! We present to you, for the Rangers, the Sling! No, its not something you put your arm in when its broken you clowns, with this you can train Ranged for free! Simply find a stone on the floor and lob it at your foe? Can't afford a wooden shortbow and bronze arrows? Don't worry, because this won't cost you a penny! (Because dignity doesn't follow the rates of currency. - Jagex) For the Mages you now have the Wind Rush spell, which only needs air runes, so if you have a Staff of Air, its free! Of course, if you can't afford mind runes, why the fuck are you training Magic, you retard? Both of these methods only require level 1 in their respective skill, so for when you make that 47th worthless 1 'defence pure' account with the gobbeldegook username, you won't need to bother getting around 10k gp to get you started! (As for anyone who has level 10 or higher in ranged or mage, you're out of luck with this update, sorry. - Jagex)

In other news...

Some units in that Conquest minigame we cooked up a bit of time ago were a bit too powerful because we never balance things right, so they've been weakened a bit.

We have changed how the "Make-X" feautre works, so now you won't have to script your bots to type "27" anymore. This doesn't mean we still won't spawn useless portals or corpreal beasts at Grand Exchange to produce "slight inconvenice" for your bots though.

We made a new D+D.

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