This "official" glorious news post of update is copyrighted by JaGEx. It is from the Glorious Republic of RuneScape.
This update dates to 28 July 2010.
Hail Andrew!

Greetings Comrades!'

Recently, we have been accused of things which are most untoward in nature. Recently, we have been accused of worshipping the Great Infidel Satan of the West, Uncle Sam! Some lackeyite running-dog-Trotskyists are even comparing us to Blizzard and its filthy spawn. Those people will be dealt with. However, to prove our commitment to the equal sharing of wealth, we are introducing today some new COMPLETELY FREE! excellent features for those who are less fortunate than ourselves COMPLETELY FREE!. In The Blood Pact, our excellent COMPLETELY FREE! new quest, we are giving back to the F2P community COMPLETELY FREE!. Thrills! Spills! Puzzles! All await you in our fantastic COMPLETELY FREE! new adventure COMPLETELY FREE! FREE! FREE! It's all COMPLETELY FREE! Who could accuse us of being filthy capitalist running-dogs when we give so much away COMPLETELY FREE! Long live Communism!

Happy Scaping!

In Other News...

  • Membership prices have been raised to £6 per month.
  • There is now a list of membership benefits on the new log-in screen.
  • Falador has been made P2P.

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