Greetings Comrades!

Today Runescape update fixes a large number of idiotic outstanding bugs in the game.
The following issues have been fixed:

  • Bug where you could teleport from the high level wilderness dungeon is fixed, there is no escape muhahahha!
  • Bug where iron arrows bolts were usable on the free servers is fixed. Finally, I am tired of the bronze bolts! Oh wait no they changed it back...
  • Bug where you could get a skull for retaliating to a ranged attack is fixed. Can't touch this.
  • Bug where shadow spiders prevented potions from running out is fixed. Most useful glitch ever =p.
  • Bug where arrows did not stack correctly, mo' arrows anyone?
  • Hax Bug where recovery questions were occasionally reported as 'not set' is fixed.
  • Bug where attacking another runeflapper immediately after a retreat caused a glitch is fixed.
  • Bug where player occasionally ran in random direction after ranged kill is fixed. North, South, East ,or West? Oh my gosh its everywhere!

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