UnRuneScape Wiki, also known as PruneScape Wiki and UnRS, is the epic-awesome speakeasy of the Internet that is favoured by intelligent, funny and cool people, and has become the hangout of choice for such people. The UnRS is dedicated to making humorous articles based on different subjects from RuneScape, sometimes giving coverage to recent updates. Not to be confused with the old UnRS which got shut down for libel, and not to be confused with pisspoor variants whose only purpose is for people to find a place to yell at Jagex where they won't get their crappy accounts banned for it.


A simple way to tell the difference between both wikis

It is also not to be confused with the RuneScape Wiki, a place devoid of opinions or good writers, and completely controlled by Jagex. The RSWiki isn't even allowed to say that the Spirit Cape is rubbish, thats how iron-fisted it is. You won't find such nonsense here, because the Spirit Cape IS rubbish. See?


The UnRS has a strict 'Funny or GTFO' policy that means if your idea of humour is swearing and libel, you'll be told to piss off. The same goes for old memes, sex jokes and other rubbish that even ED try to limit. Vandals have a 2 second lifespan here, and after that they get GRAAAAAAAAM'd with the Chaotic Banhammer. Due to the lower amounts of edits that happen on the daily routine, theres absolutely no
Challenge Accepted

A random vandal believes he can get away with hiding the word "Fuck" in an article

chance of anything rubbish slipping by. In fact, vandals tend never to visit here, mainly because why bother when they can replace an article on a dwarf quest with misogynistic jokes.

Some parts of the UnRS are a 'no facts' zone. Gargoyles drop Granite Mauls you say? Pictures or it didn't happen. Oh that is soooooo should work for the Daily Star.

The UnRS's political standing is sitting down.

UnRuneScape Wiki In-JokesEdit

Main article: Awful UnRS In-Jokes: Top 10

The UnRS has a ton of in-jokes that like most places, aren't immediately obvious. These are often used as a base to flesh out certain parts of an article - but you know all this don't you, so I'm preaching to the choir aren't I? Bloody hell I hate me.

(I'll do more after. Got the usual routine kicking in that happens. U__U Stormy Times 13:22, February 11, 2011 (UTC))

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