Trees are plants. They are made of wood. If you chop them, you'll get their wood. Even Jagex realized that this a bit simple for an entire skill, so they made it more complicated.

The Purpose of TreesEdit

The original purpose of trees was probably to add oxygen to the air. However, since you don't need oxygen in Runescape as we have pixels for that, they lost their original purpose. Therefore, Jagex made the woodcutting skill so that you can cut down those useless trees.

Chopping down a tree will not only get rid of that useless eyesore, but it will also provide you with logs with which you can do many extremely useful things :

How to kill a treeEdit

To attack a tree, you need a special weapon called a hatchet. With your special hatchet, you can carve your initials into the tree, chip off its bark, etc. Oh, you can also chop it down.

Each hatchet requires one woodcutting level higher than the attack level required to wield. Therefore, bronze hatchets require level 2 woodcutting and so cannot be used. Ever.

Actually, you can find out about this shit here.


Unfortunately, after killing a tree, it will regrow in less than a minute. Yes, trees have fast respawn times. Therefore, you must kill it again so that you can rid Runescape of Pixellated Oxygen The eyesores called trees.

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