A.K.A Squeal of Fortune 2.0.

How to play:

Everyday you login to Prunescape, you get 1 key if you're a pleb, or 2 if you are a True Son of Prunescape.

Click on that fucking goblin  1 of 5 treasure chests and get ready to be disappointed. 


Small Exp lamp

Needless and unwanted cosmetic items

Shitty weapons and armor

lucky/dragon items (0.0002% chance to obtain)

The chances of picking a rare chest is less than 1% so don't count on ever seeing it.  Even if you do pick a rare chest, you will probably get something like a hat. Jagex is soon to be sued by the makers of Team Fortress 2 for copying this clever ruse.

The Scam:

Despite Jagex's repeated insistence that your real-life wealth should not affect your performance in game, you can actually buy keys with real money. This of course is all just Real World Trading.

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