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To'Kash will use many cunning tricks and disguises in order to defeat his foes


To'Kash the Bloodchiller

To'Kash the Bloodchiller, aka Frosty the Demonic Unsnowman, is a boss encountered on the Frozen Floors of Dungeoneering. He is a Kal'Gerion demon, created by the unstoppable tyrant that is Kal'Ger the Warmonger. To'Kash himself has power over ice and snow, and prefers them to more traditional powers such dying. Being so close to the Abandoned Floors below, he's rather lucky that he doesn't melt and evaporate, as not only would that cause the end of dungeon boss to be dissappointing easy, it would also be a bit silly. At least he doesn't cost Bilrach much money when it comes to central heating.

Fighting To'KashEdit

Just turn the central heating on, duh.

To'Kash Ice Cream

To'Kash during his free time

Traditionally of a demon To'Kash has low defence, which means that its not a round of trying to damage him, but just enduring his random swipes and funny sounding snowball attacks while you apply the blowtorch. Furthermore, Fire and Fighting attacks are Super effective against Ice he is weak to Magic, but when the combat style mentioned wants you wearing shitty robes, its not exactly wise now is it, especially after level 250 where he learns Sheer Cold and Shadow Ball can start hitting 300s in short order.

His signature attack involves turning your character into a great big block of ice, to the point where you end up muttering "I was frozen today..." before he slaps it, shattering the ice and making a odd-looking red splat with the number 281 appear on your Katagon Platebody.

(Oh, its the amount of damage I took. Right.)

In a team, he will freeze everyone at once, but individually shatter the ice blocks, like he's got all the time in the world, the cocky bastard. If the first person survives To'Kash's attempt at "breaking the ice, innit man?" then he can rush to free the others YEAH GOOD LUCK AVOIDING LAG NOOB
To'Kash icecreamtruck

Oi, who let him outside??

Trivia, in other words, shit nobody cares about.Edit

  • To'Kash is fought at level 17 Dungeoneering. Noobs have a fresher taste, apparently.
  • According to the Kal'Gerion Notes dropped after killing To'Kash, the whole DEEP FREEZE! thing is used as a party trick. A party trick? Fuck me, what sort of parties does this guy attend?! If theres one party he should be doing the DEEP FREEZE! thing at, its this one.
  • As of lately, all of To'Kash's quotes have recieved voice acting, which is generally even worse than Yk'Lagor's. Basically, he sounds like a camp American businessman ordering a pizza. Judging by what he will look like when they change his graphics, it appears To'Kash is designed to be the great big ponce of the Kal'Gerion. And, due to the crap voice acting, we now know that it is not DEEP FREEZE!, but Deep freeeeeeschh.

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