200M Thieving exp, and all the party hats he could ever want

Thieving-iconThieving is one of the funnest skills on RuneScape. You run around and relieve people of their possessions. What could be better than that?

Training ThievingEdit


As we can see, some areas of the UK have more than their fair share of master thieves.


A typical player with 99 theiving(GRATZ you just found the first picture on this wikia showing someone awesome)

As well as being very fun, Thieving is stupidly easy to train.

If you're Bernard Madoff, ignore this section.Edit

Apart from being used in many quests, Jagex had originally designed Thieving to be "a quick bit of cash when you needed it", and explains why for money its so shit per hour. Almost every possibility at making decent money (Gem stalls, Master Farmers or Dwarf Traders) are unnecessarily difficult, the good items are too rare and its still inferior to everything else. When Jagex said that the skill was designed for a quick bit of cash, they obviously forgot the existence of Green Dragons.

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