"Its a man, and he's old and wise." - (Captain Obvious)

The Wise Old Man, AKA WOM, Dionysius, Dissy, Dizzy, Questcape dude, Bankrobber, Phat dude in Draynor at the house just crossed the street from the bank.

D is MMG's brathaEdit

He gives you the Quest Cape (that has a shit emote now) once you completed all quests, and is therefore JaGEx's favourite NPC, since he gives players a reason to stay: keeping their @&*%# cape on. Of course, it does mean tolerating mindfuck, complete nonsense and more mindfuck.

What else he doesEdit

He is known to brag about how cool he is and try to see the Wizards in the Wizard Tower naked with the telescope in his bedroom, making him yet another Runefapper. Oh and he blew the shit outta Draynor bank, stealing a blue Party Hat and vandalising a CCTV camera.

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