• What jagex thinks of the money it earns...'MY PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • And what jagex thinks of the players
Jagex's recent focus on improving everything except the game itself.

Community FocusEdit

After releasing the Focus Sight, JaGEx could legally use the argument of giving the Community a Focus... In any case, Jagex decided that we really need to hear about what clans are up to, so they put Mod Timbo out to pasture on a sad little newsletter. Must be embarrassing when he meets new people.

Mod Timbo: So what do you do?
Guy at party A: Well, I'm a government accountant. Currently I'm trying to reduce the structural deficit. What do you?
Mod Timbo: Erm,and what do you do?
Guy at party B: I work at Great Ormond Street. How about you?
Mod Timbo: Umm... What about you then?
Girl at party: I went on the game to pay for my heroin habit. What about you?
Mod Timbo: ... *sigh* I publish a little magazine for bored and lonely teenagers in an MMORPG that no-one's heard of, about how they can meet each other and have fun in clans.
(Stunned silence)
Girl at party: You don't even deserve to live!

3rd Party InformationEdit

After maintaining the position for many years that all 3rd party sites were security risks, and that you ought not be getting involved with that sort of thing young man, they suddenly reversed course and started giving out exclusive information through those sites. Recently, a Q&A session with the content team forced you to get a Twatter account to ask a question, and they could still easily ignore any inconvenient questions.

Increased Secrecy Paranoia OpennessEdit

The amount of shit that has happened on the communication front could be a Wiki in itself. But we suggest you read the following articles: Mark Gerhard, Jagex's Greatest Moments, Behind The Scenes.

A constant stream of shit updates without any let up, like a crazed serial killer on ecstasyEdit


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