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The Jagex Riot Squad is one of the highest forces in Jagex's justice dispensation team. It is the most powerful force of all the various Soviet-era tactics that Jagex uses to crush dissent make sure that RuneScape is a safe environment to be in.

How does it work?Edit

The JRS meets in a top-secret location at the top of the Lumbridge Church[1]. It convenes whenever there is a major emergency- like a major glitch, serious disorder in-game, or someone complains on the forums about poor updates too often. Actually, people complaining on the forums nonstop doesn't bother them or make them bust out the riot squad. In a case such as this they throw a "Well-done!" pizza party and game the night away, as this is what they expect with their backward's logic.

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  1. Well, no-one ever goes there.

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