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Black hole runescape

"It's black, it's a hole... it's a black hole!!!"- Some Jagex drone stating the bleeding obvious, again.

This was made for Jagex by scientists from CERN as a thank-you present for funding a £500 million R&D complex and particle collider under Jagex Mountain.It was where rulebreakers used to be imprisoned in the old days of RuneScape. Nowadays, players are just banished instead.

What happened in the Black HoleEdit

You seriously don't want to read this next bit.

(will fill this in later- Angels)...

So, once the rulebreaker had been apprehended, they would be auto-teleported by the Jagex drone into the black hole. At this point, Bandos would emerge from the shadows and proceed to enter the -

Although the next section may have been permissible on the "old" wiki, this is a family Wiki and as such we would rather not describe the perverted things that went on here. Instead, we shall provide a nice picture of a kitten.



(That sort of filth is not permissible on a family wiki. You're fired. -Angels)

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