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A Steel Dragon is one of the most self-explanatory things in the universe, second to only the Snakes on a Plane film. It's a dragon. Made of steel. You
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The average drop from a Steel Dragon

were expecting something else?

Steel Dragons can be located in 3 places.

  • Brimhaven Dungeon. Essentially a massive bloody dungeon guarded by a Labour MP Saniboch, he'll want your money to even set foot in the dungeon. The Steel Dragons are at the very end, surrounded by the weaker and more idiotic Iron Dragons, who will waste time on your slayer task for 40 days and 40 nights.
  • Around Ghorrock. Only available for those who can be arsed to do quests, you also have to go through deep wilderness to get to them, and you know what lurks there...hur hur hur
  • Some dungeon inside the Ancient Caverns, where a crazy ass African took all our slayer monsters to. The quest "Retrieving OUR slayer monsters" is not yet in development. They'd rather make a whole update revolving around giant bloody pink rabbits.

Fighting Steel DragonsEdit

Steel Dragons are pretty damn tough, they're smack the runite off your armour before you can yell "OMFG HAX REPORTED NOOB" and they'll do it very efficiently, unlike Oooouuuuurrrrgggggs...

(I burped again)

Because their ENTIRE HEAD is steel, it bloody hurts when it goes right into your face, so Protection from OH GOD DON'T HIT ME PLEASE is vital. And don't forget the Antifire potions! Wait, what do you mean they aren't buying again? And I was gonna range my Steel Dragon task!


But why fight these?Edit

Like the King Black Dragon, a Steel Dragon can drop a draconic visage. They also drop dragon plateskirts and platelegs. You'll want a plateleg drop regardless of gender, due to being far more expensive because kids think they are too manly to wear plateskirts.

And that's about as much as I can say on them.

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