The Screen

Just like how watching HDTV will turn you into a vegetable, playing SD RS will turn you into a prune

So, your computer's a piece of crap, eh?Edit

Most people who play Prunescape have to play on Standard Detail because of the fact that their computer is more than a year old and cannot handle Jamflax's constant graphical reworkings. As a result, these people have to play prunescape on a screen 3-5 times smaller than a player using a more modern computer on HD and playing fullscreen. Technically, you can play standard detail on fullscreen too, but if these people try to do so their computers will vigorously explode.

Results of playing Prunescape on standard detailEdit

Symptoms of people with shit computers trying to play Prunescape are:

  • Severe depression
  • spontaneous combustion
  • bleeding eyes
  • bawls the size of peanuts
  • exploding computers
  • And other symptoms that will most like harm others more than the victim.

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