Warning, this article contains itself, for those of you not wanting to know how this article ends please stop reading now.

Spoilers, first used on chavy sports cars, have been spammed on Recent Updates, Quest Forums and Runescape Wiki for as long as mankind can remember (which is about 2 years) There are players who take the near-non-existant storyline of rs too seriously, and will ready the torches and pitchforks if you dare tell them that...

  • The elven city was reverted to seed form
  • The Avatar of Bandos was banished from the world forever
  • Half the Slayer Masters die in WGS
  • One of the Mahjarrat trys to turn you into a Barrows Bro
  • Luicen gets killed by the Dragonkin
  • Edgevillie gets half destroyed
  • Sir Tiffy dies in the future
  • The mysterious power was Bilrach's death
  • Veliban becomes the new King of the Dwarves.
  • Saradomin was the orgional owner of the Stone of Jas, which was really the Dragonkins power
  • Voldermort kills Harry

so be warned before spoiling endings for people.

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