Smith or Smite

"I really thought you said i need to smite on an anvil"

Smithing-iconSmithing is basically the skill where you can be a blacksmith, make armour, weapons, and lose your Rune-life savings

Linked to Mining, after you've botted your way to 85, you can smelt all those iron and coal, make steel bars, and then blow it all on complete shit in order to get your Smithing level up sometime this year. Cannonballs are fine, if only you actually got decent XP per hour for it (it used to be 37.5 exp per 4 cannonballs...but it was nerfed because Jagex thought that this was too fast)

Training SmithingEdit

First things first, apart from the mentioned slow Cannonballs, Smithing is a dead loss. Blame all the fucking noobs mass producing almost everything which means the prices are at rock bottom and impossible to sell. There WAS a point where Adamant Platebodies cost more than the bars y'know. Prepared to sink some gp now? Right. Its Hammer Time.

Step 1: Smelt ore into bar.

Step 2: Use bar on hammer, choose what to make and make it.

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Loss!

Well then, bollocks to that.Edit

By our 3rd Section editor Phil Space

There are alternate ways...Its fast and enough enough to get it from 1 to the level for Cannonballs, and they're...OK for a few levels, and Dungeoneering provides slow but free exp as well.. Once you're level 60 you can go Blast Furnace, where you can just make unfinished mithril bolts until you're level 99/bored/dead. Providing no one is having a bit of a lul with a Dwarf Multicannon, Box traps and a Smoke Devil of course. Another way after 91, but EXTREMELY DANGEROUS way for exp, is to go into the assist cc, ask if anyone has any unopened effigys, and then get swarmed by a horde of assist request spammers.

At least the skillcape is prestigious enough. People with more money than sense usually blow it all on Prayer. It least with 99, you'll be a better Blacksmith than the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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