This article uses a lot of sweary words. Don't read this unless you watch The Thick Of It a lot and you have a high swearing tolerance.

Here is a list of the slang that PruneScapers use because they're too fucking obese and lazy to type out full words

  • 1M - The number of people who give a shit about the Void Knight storyline, plus one million.
  • 76k - Cheating? In my PruneScape?
  • AFK - A term used for when someone has better things to do then cut a fucking pixelated tree.
  • AGS - A term used for something that price-wise, has absolutely no fucking idea what its doing.
  • BGS - A term used for a useless weapon.
  • D+D - A piece of shit.
  • DFS - See: Soccermom
  • GF - Good Fight/Girl Friend - Former used by annoying Pkers, latter is what no PruneScaper has.
  • GTFO - You heard him.
  • LOL - A way to show that something just wasn't funny at all.
  • Main - They have one, and it'll own yours.
  • Noob - Anyone with a lower level than someone.
  • No-lifer: Anyone with a higher level than someone.
  • OMG - A way to say you're not really impressed.
  • PTSAPP - (Pass the Salt and Pepper Please) - I may have made this one up.
  • Pker - Someone who complains a lot.
  • Pure - See also : Brainless Fucktard
  • PvP - Player Versus Player. Often the only reason pures exist. That and insulting people
  • ROFL - For when something isn't unfunny enough for 'LOL'
  • RS - Keeps you safe from stressful relationships with females, prevents allergies with pollen affecting you, and keeps you inside, away from the gun-nuts, rapists and David Cameron.
  • Skiller - OMFG WTF FAILGEX I DIDN'T CLICK ON THAT GOBLIN YOU BASTARDS WTF??!?!?!??!1111oneoneoneeleven
  • STFU - Used by people only interested in what they have to say.
  • Skills - Means jackshit.
  • SW - Bot heaven.
  • TDPMETKE - (They Don't Pay Me Enough To Keep Editing) - A term used for when someone, namely an editor of the PruneScape Wiki has got tired of typing up a slang dictionary, and will add more later.
  • WGS - Cook's Assistant
  • WoW - I am really impressed with your skills!
  • WTF - When someone doesn't understand what a pot is.
  • ZOMG - Used by pe0pul whu liek tu talk wif pe0pul on t3h int3rw3b!!!11!!11one1eleven!
  • TDPMETTTU - (they don't pay me enough to test the update) - A term used by an FAILGEX mod which was too lazy to test the update. This causes the many bugs in prunescape.

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