This article uses a lot of sweary words. Don't read this unless you watch The Thick Of It a lot and you have a high swearing tolerance.

By our Skilling editor Maple T. Reebotting
Skillers are a bunch of people on PruneScape that absolutely object to doing anything that is anything near enjoyable on PruneScape (e.g. killing a dragon, mashing General Graardor, etc.) and instead waste all their fucking time chopping a pixelated tree. You think Pures are twats? At least they actually try to enjoy themselves.

(Or do they? Most of them forget it's a game they're playing.)

For some reason, these waste of space utter pussies are accepted into PruneScape, because

Skiller clans are absolutely everywhere, because just like Corporeal Beast clans, that yew tree is a deadly opponent and requires multiple people to take down. (Is this right? - Stormy Times) Skiller clans even have their own Rules 1 and 2.

Rule 1: You do not talk about combat.

Rule 2: You DO NOT talk about combat.

Anyone who talks about combat, or is over the combat level of 3, is kicked, banned, death ray, black hole of spanking.

What a load of shit for brains!Edit

Indeed. Like how a pure is deathly afraid of Defence exp, skillers shit their pants at the mere thought of combat exp. Therefore, they carry around a bow with as many arrows as they have brain cells, so that if the shit navigation system, combined with the fact that on occasion they'll misclick because they are fapping to Commander Zilyana as they cut that willow tree in Draynor where those Dark Wizards are, their account isn't automatically OMGITSCOMPLETELYFUCKED. CottonWoolScape means those Dark Wizards don't ruin the skiller. Life sucks.

Most skillers just bot most skills, especially Woodcutting, Firemaking and Mining. Which presents the question...

What's the fucking point in making an account if all you do is bot on it?

The Diary of a SkillerEdit

Day 1: Cut a yew tree.

Day 2: Cut a yew tree.

Day 3: Cut a yew tree.

Day 4: Cut a yew tree.

Day 5: Cut a yew tree.

(That's enough diary. - Stormy Times)

So whats the point in a skiller again?Edit

404 Error.

Uses for a skiller not found.


Despite their utter fucking pointlessness, Skillers are far more accepted than pures. Perhaps because normal players don't mind being reminded how worthless production skills are now, but do rather mind being shown what a waste of time it was for them to train their Defence.

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