The Skeletal Trio is a boss encounted during the Occult floors, which are the latest (as of 23/08/10) update to Dungeoneering. This is well known as the most creative and complex of RuneScape's bosses.

So what is this Skeletal Trio?Edit

(Damn, can only fill space for so long...)

Jagex tried their hardest to make out they spent a long time making this boss. After all, the Skeletal Trio is in Tier 11 items! They use Prayer so you have to change combat styles! They can hit very hard in 5:5 teams! The thing is, all this is done in a futile attempt to hide the glaringly obvious fact that this 'boss' is in fact a Forgotten Warrior, Ranger and Mage with prayer.

Trio alt

Heres a better idea, throw 3 insane elites into the boss room and give them Tier 12X armour......GF EXP

And thats about as much as I can say on that.

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