Contrary to popular beleif, Shoopdawhoop DOES exist in Runescape, but its an extremely rare random event only encountered by players with level 1+ in all skills. Upon teleportation to this random, you will be given a choice..




Since no females play runescape, this is quite a hard random to deal with for most addolescent teen boys that have high hormones, and becuase of this, they want to experience Runefapping as a female, but end up finding themselves unable to, and walking towards the nearest kitchen.

The only recorded player to have surpassed this event by glitch, with no termination, is Moe is 4120. To this day Asn Sensei still locks his threads on the forums for no apparent reason.

Evading random events is not a recent update, thread locked.

-Asn Sensei

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