The Runefapper Queen is a strange being located inside the White Wolf Mountain. She serves as 0.0001% less horrible material for the Runefappers than Commander Zilyana, providing they are prepared to move their lazy arses out of the Grand Exchange, turn off the autotyper that repeatedly spams "dubbling monney" and
Ice Queen

Hooray for graphical updates. Not.

walk all the way to the inside cave past all the Ice Giants and Ice Warriors, which at that point they can stare at some badly drawn knockers and do what they...usually do.

The Runefapper Queen's backstory Edit

The Runefapper industry was a mess. Commander Zilyana held a monopoly over the damn thing, which prevented many abominations from ever being in the spotlight and enjoying having a bunch of confused 15 year old boys drool over them.

Normally dormant within White Wolf Mountain, the Ice Queen decided enough was enough. Biding her time, she eventually struck when the 2011 Easter Event, Holly and Hawthorn arrived and at that point she was granted a sexy new look, and stormed over to Richard Desmond's offices to have a few pictures taken. When they caught sight of it, the Runefappers instantly became fans of the Ice Queen, and she was renamed to, prestigious title of the Runefapper Queen.

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