The Great Orb Project was released on one of those dates no one cares about, as even to this day a lot experienced players don't even know it exists, or what exactly you do there other then a gay looking talisman on a stick. It was added to make Runecrafting actually almost useful to F2pers. It makes training Runecrafting a fun and enjoyable experience, while maintaining decent experience rates and Profits.

It.. Can be a reliable money making method in F2P, but is often considered noob in members, more or less an overglorified pure essence miners.. (BOT.)

While not technically a skill, people no life that shit like its no tomorrow none the less. You must be weary, as upon joining any one of the many available teams (yellow, or Fail n00b Sab leechers.) you will likely be the only one on your team to score any points at all, as your the only one who knows "co ord" (WTF is that anyways?) so be prepaired to call all of the other players fail, including your own team and either quit, or leech by building barriers and Sabing what few participating members of your group you have left. Whether you actually win any altars or not, you must call everyone that participated in the last game (including your own team members) Fail n00bs, gtfo etc... Then you must rejoin the other team thinking that maybe you'll win this one, while for some ungodly reason you and every other dumb ass ch00b will procede to say FTW (which sounds a lot like Fuck the world, but I guess actually means "For the win" but could also mean "fuck these wimps...) by that point you've relised that the same failure ch00b bots that leeched and nerfed your last game are on your team now, but you get sucked in the portal because of weird lag, you find yourself the only one scoring... again. After about 5 hours or so with about 500 tokens or so, you relise that you can only buy 100 nature tabs... which was a waste, because you could've just walked.

P.S Its true, you are the only pro in GOP.. everyone in there is fail noob bots, and you should report them all for botting and bug abuse and lack of "co ord", because after all you do wanna be a Proud Player Moderator one day.

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