Before you start wondering WTF, please read this news item from the RuneScape Website.

"If you’re a social animal, like to hang out, love a good competition and are partial to the odd fight or two"...

... then you probably don't play RuneScape, as you're too busy with an actual social life.

The ConceptEdit

The RuneScape Summer Festival is the latest in Jagex's community obsession. Jagex believes that most of their players are about 16 years old and British. Therefore, this year their peers will be throwing lots of post GCSE parties. However, as we all know, most RuneScape players are nerds and social rejects who are unsure what summer- or that big bright thing in the sky- is; therefore, the average RuneScape player will not attend any such parties because they won't be invited to any of them. Jagex therefore had a bright idea- why not throw their own party for people who would not be invited to any social gathering in a million years, apart from a public execution or terrorist atrocity. And so the real-world partner of RuneFest was born.

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