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This is what the average players see

The sad story of RuneScape "gambling" addiction. Noobs start off innocent, happy as ever to earn and buy their first rune scimitar. But then, as they become most accustomed to the game, they soon watch videos of PvP drops, and Boss drops, convincing them to ask their moms repeatedly for membership.

The Classic Player: When they achieve membership, they are amazed by the magnitude of the new items, and buy dragon armor, simply because of the appearance. (Classic buying skills of a noob search item, put in a offer for mid, wait 3 seconds, abort the offer, buy it for max)

Inevitably, they are soon exposed to PvP vids, and high value drop vids. Seeing these high rewards, they soon develop dreams of these rewards, causing them to liquify their assets, and buy new gear for max. They soon go to the GWD in a Mass-Clan, in hopes of a hilt drop. You can easily tell them apart by "OMG NOBODY TOLD ME TO BRING A HAMMER!@#!@#","UGH DROP A HILT ALREADY!!!!", "FREE FOOD PLZZZZZ", or a most joyful of them all: a gravestone (The wooden kind) a few feet north of the rope down.

This being the case, The RuneScape Casino is a place where ALL noobs lose their valuables, the other alternative being red portal at clan wars

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