Bonjour and bienvenue to this episode of Cooking with Chef Dropartee! Aujourd'hui, nous allons cuisiner an exotic dish coming all the way from the Relekka Slayer Caves and Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon, it's Slug Salée!

(Important: Pour manger cette monstre, vous devez avoir 20 Slayer.)


  • Bag of salt
  • fairly durable armour
  • a weapon of some sort

Fighting Cooking RockslugEdit

  • Pour commencer, preheat your oven to over 9000 degrees, if your oven normally can't get that hot, you may want to visit the Catacombs of Hell.
  • Vous devez maitenant attaquer un rockslug by clicking on it.
  • Stir vigorously until it stops moving(spices and gods' help won't be necessary.)
  • Rinse out the slug in order to get rid of bacteria.
  • When it's nearly dead, add a dash of salt to finish it off!(Oh sorry, not a dash, a bag of salt. That's right, just dump it all in.)
  • Stick a fork in the slug and eat it on the ground. C'est délicieux!

And that concludes cet épisode of Cooking with Chef Dropartee.

Worthwhile Drops Nutritional InformationEdit

Rockslugs aren't really all that good for you. Sure they drop essential ore and minerals but Mining is a much better way to obtain those. It is because of their lacking drops that rockslugs are often desserted and served to young children.


Weapons and Armour

  • White/gold mystic gloves(JOLIES COULEURS!)


  • 2 watermelon seed

Other Drops

  • Uncut Gems(gemmy gemmy never gets!)
  • Key halves(you'll really have to slug it out to get one of these.)

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