Quest DetailsEdit

Description - Help the Gypsy save the world from an Evil Chef.
Released - Sometime.
Start - Speak to that bloody cook who gives you a shitty ass quest to fetch cake stuff.
Difficulty - Hard.
Length - Long as Uncle Fester's Dick. (Which is pretty damn long.)
Members - Maybe. *sniff* Maybe.


Items Required
Note: All the items cant be obtained during the quest.

  • Fucking everything.

Monsters to kill.

  • Every Mortal being on this twisted planet (Level i dont know wat)
  • Guy who kills people with food. (THE HORROR!!!!!!!)


Congratulations, Loyal Test Subject Player of Prunescape. You have inspired Jagex to make 100 quests, here is the 100th.

Talk to the Chef. He tells you the cake was a lie, as the Duke (Who resides in the royal toilet) has no birthday, So go fetch more unique stuff this time. (Outside of Lumbrige)

Return, and the Chef makes a meal, you then see Fat people, Monkeys, Old people, Knights, Goblins, Mini Me, Pirates and others get frozen in time or some shit like that.

After making food for all of them (The Fat People require about 10 fucking dishes) you go after evil chef, You then fight bosses made of.... HEALTHY FOOD!!!!!!!11112!11!11111!!!!!!11!!!1!!!!ELEVEN!!!!

Kill bosses then fight evil chef.

Kill chef then get barrows gloves.



A lot of quest points (which are worthless) and Barrows gloves (which offer terrible stats for their level requirements). Wasn't really worth the effort, was it?

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