Jagex's antiquated excuse for a macro detection system.

These minor annoyances are your punishment for gaining too much experience, you should be ashamed of yourself. They are triggered after you gain a certain set amount of experience, so they aren't really random at all.

Completing an eventEdit

  1. Gain xp, eventually you will be kidnapped by one useless person/animal or another.
  2. Assess your surroundings. What location you are in tells you weather you should just be slightly annoyed, or if you'll want to go and punch the nearest small child in the face.
  3. Talk to your kidnapper. They will generally want you to complete some utterly meaningless task for them.
  4. Develop a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome.
  5. Click through approximately 14.8 million screens of dialogue, and confirm several times that you know what you're doing.
  6. Do whatever the hell they've asked you to do.
  7. Talk to them again, and click through a few million more screens of dialogue.


Your prize for completing this useless chore is a small purple box which, through the mysteries of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, contains several different rewards at the same time, and only by opening it does one get selected.

The rewards consist of microscopic amounts of somewhat useful items, or (10 x your level) in the skill of your choice. Why anyone chooses anything else is beyond me.

The other reward is that you don't get any more randoms for a few hundred thousand xp.

So congratulations, you've done your part to rid runescape of bots! What's that you say? Most bots can easily complete randoms these days you say? Welp, gotta go, job well done!

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