German quick chat on an English server?

Have you ever read 1984 by George Orwell? Good. Let us proceed. Quick Chat is a solution to Mod Marks new problem, where abuncha ranters caused him to rage, breaking his keyboard. He must now use QC ONLY in order to talk IRL.

Lol, why would I use this crap?Edit

Isn't it obvious? Jagex need to have total control over what their customers say, and they can only do that by issuing "mutes", resulting in players using QC, which only spams good sayings about the game. Too bad this never worked our, as demonstrated by the various quotes and translation section keep scrolling down...

So, if you don't want to look like a Jagex Apologist, go easy on the rule breaking, and never admit that you're under 12.

Example of Prunescape Quick Chatting and TranslationsEdit

Player 1: My Strength Level is 56.

Translation: I'll PWN U NOOB!!

Player 2: I have 3 million gold pieces.

Translation: I am poor.

Player 3: Do you want to play Runescape? (While on Runescape)

Translation: Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

Player 4: Hi

Translation: Lets go duel!

Player 5: My rank is 456.

Translation: I am PRO RUNEFLAPPER!!.

Player 6: Lets go play castle wars!

Translation: I like Jagex way too much!

Player 7: Hi

Translation: *&^**((

Player 8: Someone get on the horn.

Translation: OMFG! Hawtness!!

Player 9: Let's play hoop and stick.

Translation: Rule 34

Player 10:I got an item: balls.

Translation: I am a guy irl

Player 11: I have a life.

Translation: NO I DONT

Player 12: Lets play Funorb!

Translation: Lets go get a room.. *wink*

Notice: The various quotes are subjects of the People's Republic of Runescape under the leadership fuhere Mark I. HEIL JAGEX!!! Copyright 2010 B.C. all rights reserved.

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