Queen black dragon

The Queen Black Dragon's head, notice the lack of Everything but a long as fuck neck and head.

The Queen Black Dragon is a the biggest fucking dragon ever. She is also the strongest monster in Runescape, with a combat level of 2100 and 75,000 LP.


One day Uncle Fester and the Dragonkin were chilling with Purple Bird, They were talking about evil way's to destroy the Elitist's completionist cape, when suddenly, Purple Bird had an idea. Purple Bird, Dragonkin and Uncle Fester each combined some DNA to make the biggest, toughest, boss ever. They went to Cowboy Guy to buy some Dragon Kiteshields. Cowboy Guy only stocked Kites, so Dragonkin forged some Dragon Kiteshields to stuff up the creature's ass. However, when making it, Purple Bird screwed up, He was training Pokemon and accidently submerged Pokeballs into the Creature, Giving it a summoning requirement.

Later, when the Creature was finished, Purple Bird bought it to life, however the Mentally Retarded Dragon had taken a shit in the Body, which caused the Shit's DNA to form into the Creature, That Creature was born as the Queen Black Dragon.

Eventually, they put it in hibernation, it already tried fucking Purple Bird a bunch of times, so they put it below That town that is barely even known to exist.


Everything that Purple Bird and Mentally Retarded Dragon drops... probably. I can't be that bothered to look on the Runescape Wiki.

Oh yeah, and a Dragon Kiteshield.

Not a kite. A real Kiteshield, Made from Dragon Metal, like your shiny Helmet.

Also, you can get a very rare item to make all your dragon armor to have bones*.

Theres also parts to upgrade the Coral Cuntbow you get from Song in the Depths, take them to that bald grey dwarf thing to upgrade it. You can also get these items on the Grand Exchange, which one again, is a load of HORSE FUCKING ASSWIPES.

(*tactical sex joke inbound)

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