(shurely 'Runite metal'? - Stormy)

Prune metal is the most commonly used metal by the filth F2P. It is purple (or is it blue? depending on how much of a shit you give about RS, really.) in color, as it is made of prunes. Despite the fact that it is 100% made of prunes, it is stronger than any other F2P metal. This shows what BS the RuneScape metal system is, as somehow prunes are a stronger metal than steel.

Prune weaponsEdit

There are a large variety of Prune weapons, including the 2h, Battleaxe, and Scimitar. By coincidence, these are the only Prune weapons in existence, as by this point everyone knows that any other kind of weapon is a complete piece of shit, due to the fact that either they don't hit fast enough for the amount of damage they can do, or they don't hit high enough for their speed.

The fact that the Prune scimitar combines the two significant features of weapons stated above (they hit fast and hard, not slow and soft, you idiots) makes it the most commonly used weapon in all of F2P.

The only weapons better than Prune are those made of Failgon Metal (shurely 'Dragon Metal'?) , which only failures can create. Unfortunately, Jagex doesn't give any of the 99% of the population who falls into the fail category the title they deserve, so Failgon Metal remains unmakable by conventional methods.

Prune ArmourEdit

Like Prune weapons, there is a wide variety of armor. Unlike Prune Weapons, it is rather commonly used due to the players counting the pennies when it comes to armour expenses. After all, wearing overpriced shit just gets you fucked up by the more jealous or malicious types.

There are gilded and trimmed pieces of Prune armor also worn by some F2P, but they are most commonly members who were too nooby to be able to kill anyone in a members world, or have more money than they know what to do with. Sadly, this usually kicks in at 20gp, but remember, RuneScapers lack a brain.

Prunite OreEdit

It is possible to mine Prunite in many places, although in practice its not fucking happening because the bots mine it all the second it spawns. And just to piss you off, I'll let you know a single Prunite Ore is valued at over 10k. U mad?

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