• Mmmmmm... licous *drool*
  • *fap*fap*fap*fap*fap*...

Not to be confused with 'Peanut Gallery', a term used to describe, basically, a pile of idiots.

The Player's Gallery is something Jagex does once a month, which shows the worst best fanart that PruneScapers have to offer. They choose pieces which to them are impressive, funny or original. What the Player's Gallery ACTUALLY consists of is as follows.

  • Plagiarised art from other websites. I mean, what deterrent is there? The Chaos Elemental will be angry at them? Who gives a shit, it can't even move out of a selected area of the Wilderness.
  • Boring, overused 'Dragon armour warriors' which are a guarenteed way to show in the Gallery.
  • Hilarious unfunny little comic strips or scenes, such as the recent one about 3 noobs getting ruined by Icy Bones, which is odd considering that it looks almost nothing like it.
  • Pictures like the ones above, which are created mainly as vanity portraits, and instead are enjoyed by Runefappers. It should be noted that Jagex don't allow any Rule 34 to enter the Player's Gallery (well, none of the obvious stuff...), which is probably a good thing, seeing just how popular Commander Zilyana is- well, put it this way. When about 7 male adventurers stomp into Commander Zilyana's room, I think they plan to get a bit more than a Saradomin Hilt.

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