Plane-Freezer Lakhrahnaz, or just Plane-Freezer, is one of the three WTF creatures in Deamonheim, the area you go to for raiding Dungeoneering. The other 2 are Night-Gazer Khizoghorak and Shadow-Forger Izkha...I don't know...all 3 have totally unpronouncable names...

It is probably the biggest WTF creature going, making strange noises, hovering, having a GIANT BLOODY EYEBALL and also having tentacles... er, yeah...tentacles.

Fighting Plane-FreezerEdit

Firstly, Plane-Freezer lives in an icy area, so when you're fighting it, its the slipperiest subject since the immigration policy part of any political debate.

Despite range and magic seeming easier because you don't have to chase after it, dealing with its red eye of impolite shoving and being weak to magic attacks, Plane-Freezer is handily resistant to these 2 forms of combat. So either melee or missing. Choose yer favorite.

The special loot here once you mash him/her/it is gauntlets. In other words, shit.

And now for the pictures.Edit

Taking Plane-Freezer's absolute weirdness into advantage, lets show you some crazy.

Plane freezer

The fear of every pilot...

Simpsons plane freezer

Probably only time Simpsons have been funny in the last few seasons.

Did you hear about plane freezer

Why, yes, I think I have.

Titanic plane freezer

Arrrgh! The Titanic is sinking! Never mind that, ROW FASTER!

Black hole plane freezer


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