You may see the above text in any page on this Wiki. This means that congratulations, you've found a PROFESHUNAL ARTYKUL!

What defines a 'PROFESHUNAL ARTYKUL'?Edit

A PROFESHUNAL ARTYKUL is formed when the main writer, or one of the editors, has a large amount of knowledge on a certain subject. This is usually in effect when the editor of an skill article has a 99 in that skill, or if the editor has had a lot of experience with the article's subject. Such examples of PROFESHUNAL ARTYKULs are the Attack article and the Penguin Hide and Seek article.

In other words, it is both:

  • An artykul.

And :

  • Written by a profeshunal.

How do I spot a 'PROFESHUNAL ARTYKUL'?Edit

As any fule kno, all the people here who write artykuls can be described as a profeshunal of some kind. However, when the profeshunal rites about something they are a profeshunal in (as oppused to writin sumthink that although being a profeshunal they are NOT a profeshunal in that matter), then you can be sure that this is indeed sumone who knos what they're talkin abowt. So when yew see the 'PROFESHUNAL ARTYKUL' symbol, you know that you're readin sum reel kwality riting. Of course, all owr artykuls are hihly profeshunal, and typed to teh hyest digree of standards.

(What the?... I leave the office for five, yes FIVE F**KING MINUTES and I'm presented with this grammatically atrocious tosh? Clear out your desks, you're all fired.



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