Ornate Katana

Pretty much the only use that this thing has, and even then, it's not a good one

The ornate katana is a vanity item whose sole purpose is to piss players off. Its release has confirmed that Jagex no longer really cares about the game and it also gave them a chance to troll pretty much anyone who does.

At the moment, it can only be obtained by players in the United States by purchasing a 90 day game card from Gamestop between June 20 - July 10 2011

Why was this thing released? To stop RWT of course!

Question: What the hell is a vanity item?Edit

According to (which as we know, is a very credible resource... somewhat)

The term "Vanity" can mean any of the following:

So basically, all of Prunescape's unupdates are vanity items(with some exceptions.)The katana was meant to be a promotional item encouraging players to buy membership. The problem? It has the same stats as an iron weapon, meaning its a cosmetic piece of crap which is of no value, use and won't really get Jagex that much profit(if any.)

So is this thing RWT? That all depends on what definition you use, but really, no one gives a shit except for the forumers who wanted to find something to complain about but couldn't because Jagex forgot to update the game that week.

In the old days when Jagex mildly cared about the game, if you were to ask a Jagex mod if this thing was RWT or not they'd probably say something like

"Maybe but that's a waste of developer time anyway."

and then they'd go back to thinking up ways to annoy questers in the coming One Small Favour quest.

This next quote should hopefully clear things up:

Mod Nexus: This isn’t a micro transaction. You are paying for membership and a whole host of other benefits. A micro transaction would be "give us $2 and we’ll give you a cabbage" (regardless of free or members).

So basically, if Jagex did the same thing but used an item of actual value(such as an untradeable sword with better stats than a chaotic long,) that wouldn't be a microtransaction since players would still be "paying for membership and a host of other benefits."

Bottom line: If Jagex profits from something then it's not RWT(Yes it is!) but if a player profits from something then ZOMG! CALL THE RIOT SQUAD!

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