Oh yeah... People actually wear this

Players of RuneScape

Whining PKers
Stormy Times
Player Moderators
L33t H4xx0r5
Ranked Members
Elite Levels
Nomad Beaters
High Levels
While Guthix Sleeps Beaters
The Average RuneScape Player
Forum Overlords
Forum Moderators
Forum Ranters
Low Levels
Whining PKers
Merch Clan Scum
Jagex Apologists

Who are they?Edit

These are one of five players:

1) Low levels who lucked out on Nomad.

2) Elite players who lucked out on Nomad.

3) Maxed players who tanked Nomad... with a little help from Lady Luck.

4) Players who went on a RWT site and paid someone 10 quid to do it for them

5) Cheaters who used the glitch with the spirit kyatt on the first week of the quest

Why are they ranked so lowly?Edit

Isn't it obvious?

If not, here's how to find one:

Go to the Dev blogs section of the segragated RS forums. Enter what constitutes a GM thread.. Read the posts of Nomad beaters.

Most of them thank Jagex for such an "easy" boss. They are oblivious to the hundreds of other players who lack in-game luck, and therefore cannot beat such a "noob" boss.

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