What you will see when you open that final door

The Necrolord is a boss encountered at level 77 Dungeoneering in the Occult floors of Deamonheim. And thats the most interesting thing about him. Like most of the Dungeoneering bosses he has fuck all storyline - he's just there, getting in your way. The Necrolord is basically 'Generic mage boss' that looks like Jagex had messed up his programming 418 times. Sadly, before entering his boss room, you are not given a warning about the massive lack of imagination that is stored within the next chamber, which is a shame because otherwise you might go in with high hopes, which obviously are futile.

Fighting the NecrolordEdit

Firstly, he sits behind a giant wall of candles, so you're aren't going to be taking the easy obvious way out and just hit it until it dies. Instead you're going to have to fuck around making mage ranger gear in order to ruin him, which is just plain bullshit really because it relies on how many hours you wasted fucking around making maple longbows for NO REASON WHATSOEVER. However this is the least of your worries, the Necrolord has the most complex and challenging of battle styles, and if you stray from the very strict and convoluted pattern for just one second, you are instantly killed 17 times over, your computer explodes and your pet dog Rover is skinned alive. Oh, and Rupert Murdoch takes over BBC, which may or may not be a bad thing, depending on whether you are Rupert Murdoch or not.

1. Open the boss room door.

2. Attack Necrolord.

3. Kill skeleton he summons.

4. Attack Necrolord.

5. Kill skeleton he summons.

6. Er...

7. Thats all.

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