Mutated zygomite

As seen in game

Mutated Zygomites, also known as Zygomites for short, require 57 Slayer to kill and are found only in Zanaris.

These giant mushroom people are believed to serve Princess Toadstool, the only daughter of the Fairy Queen. Unfortunately, Princess Toadstool can not be seen in game because she has been kidnapped by the king of the turtles with wacky shells.

These monsters are really just filler, there's not much point in killing them since slakoth, koopa troopas and animated farts have better drops. However, occasionally the slayer master with a Jelly fetish may give you a special challenge in which you are given some experimental pesticides to use on them and must bring back the results. The reward for completing the task is 10k Slayer exp and 25 Slayerisaminigame points.

Fighting ZygomitesEdit

There are two kinds of Zygomites you can fight. Level 86 Zygomites can be found near the STARS altar and level 74 Zygomites can be found near a furnace in Zanaris. To initiate a fight with one, you must jump underneath a "?" block attempt to pick one of the many magic mushrooms you may see. Zygomites fight with magic-based melee and Ranged attacks(which as usual, are more powerful) so it is recommended that you wear dragonhide or use ranged protection prayers.

To finish off these evil mushrooms, you must spray them with a can of DDT. Each can of DDT only has 10 charges so you will often need to reload. Both cans of DDT and reloads can be bought from Slayer Masters. Additionally, Zygomites will sometimes drop DDT which doesn't make much sense but then again, this is Jagex we're talking about.

Worthwhile DropsEdit

As said earlier, these creatures are filler. While they may not be complete crap, you really should be killing something else.  



  • Grimy ranarr
  • Grimy dwarf weed
  • Grimy lantadyme
  • Grimy kwuarm(Ugh! Why must my seed embarrass me?)

Weapons and Armour

  • Rune full helmet(oh it's full of something alright...)
  • Dragon Spear(Dragon, Dragon, Ball... Dragon Ball Spear!
  • Rune Spear(Quit stalking the dragon spear! Guthix damn it!)
  • Shield Left Half(If this thing had half a brain, it'd be half a shield... with its entire brain!)


  • Uncut Sapphire
  • Uncut Emerald
  • Uncut Ruby
  • Uncut Diamond(What?! NoPearl ?!)
  • 1-3 Noted Superplantcrap
  • 1-3 mort myre fungi(eat one of these and you'll turn into Super Mario!)
  • Half of a key(I half a key too!)
  • DichloroDiphenylTrichloroethane

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