Official quest description: The Good Elves wan't to stop the Bad elves. It appears they can't be bothered so they hire you instead. All you have to do is a simple, easy puzzle whilst avoiding some very weak and completely not overpowered level 73 shadows to access the death altar. How hard can it possibly be...?
Release date:

17 October 2005 (Update)

Start: Talk to Arianwyn in Lletya, then talk to the Commander Chief Director Head Mourner

Difficulty: We couldn't actually fit enough asterisks in this box.

Length: Roughly equal to the lifespan of the average star.
Members only: Of course
Requirements: Immortality, more patience than you need for 99 Firemaking, and Mourning's End Part I. Oh and you really really should think about getting at least 60 agility.
Items needed: Mourner gear, rope, chisel and 2000 summer pies
Monsters to kill: Nothing at all apart from level 73 shadows, but they are very weak for their level.


Talk to Arianwyn then the Head Mourner who gives you a nice new key. Run through a cave full of Dark Beasts until you find a re-enactment of the Massacre of Glencoe. Search the bodies to find a colour wheel and a Journal that you never actually use. Go back to Arianwyn who tells you about a blackened crystal. Go get it and bring it back to him. He summons Eluned who enchants it for you. Hey, that took you 20 minutes, but it's not so bad is it? Surely that's most of the quest done.

The Light MazeEdit

This next part is likely to induce a strong urge to commit suicide. Take a deep breath and plunge into the Temple of Light again, this time with those 2000 summer pies and a rope. Pull a lever to get a couple of nice mirrors. Put them in pillars until the light reflects north, west, south twice, then east. Now for an agility obstacle that makes watching the Disney channel for two days sound like a good idea. Eat some pie, and try to cross. You fell? nevermind, try again, you'll get across soon. Three days later (provided you're alive), you will finally get across and find a chest which has a cyan crystal and two more mirrors. Yes, you have just wasted three days of your life for two mirrors and a crystal. Nevermind, you've done it now and you'll never have to do it again...

Run around for another year or so putting mirrors in the wrong pillars and avoiding those silly little level 73 shadows who appear to have stumbled across a stash of steroids and that hit over 240 until...


Spend yet more time throwing mirrors and crystals around the place until three of your beams join into one beam of white light that opens the door to the death altar. Oh no, you've forgotten that death talisman, but no worries, now that you've done the maze getting back will be a doddle, so it's fine to teleport out. Return to find that the beam of light is pointing the wrong way and that it can only be turned back from the inside and that you'll need to do the maze all over again.

When you are released from hospital, repeat the above steps and bring a death talisman to the altar. Enchant that stupid crystal, TURN THE BEAM OF LIGHT AROUND, put it back where you found it and, talk to Arianwyn and...



2 Quest points

20k agility xp that doesn't even get you a new level

The ability to craft death runes (as long as you have 65 Runecrafting of course)

Access to Dark Beasts (Useless unless you have 90 Slayer)

All of which make doing the quest worth all the time and effort

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