Do you ever get tired of having millions of coins just lying in your bank doing nothing, don't you just hate it when your just chilling out at Grand Exchange with your well-earned 3rd Age armour and Armadyl crashGodsword, when a bunch of idiots start begging you for free lends. Well that nightmare is over.

"This list provides players with a list of ideas that can help them lose money in. When using this guide, players should keep in mind that the economy of RuneScape is a broken piece of shit, which means all of the information given here will be completely inaccurate. Have fun!"

Effectiveness Method Requirments
5/5 Training Construction to 99 solely though the use of magic stone blocks Smokin Mils being hacked
4/5 Training on Rock Crabs using several full sets of PvP gear A padded room and 20/78 defence
4/5, enjoy your PJ Trying to do 76k tricks in W26 GE while wearing full Dharoks and no food or teleports A freind only slightly less stupid than you
5/5 Training Magic thought casting "enchant level 6" on onyx rings the whole way to 99 2lum being hacked
GF BANK/5 Accidently walking into the wrong portal at Clan wars Colorblindness or being level 80
System_error/5 Trying to wield a smuggled deamonheim item while having a lot of expensive items in your inventory Attending one of those "special" drop parties
3/5 Actualy being in possession of an Armadyl Godsword 75 atk, 73 str, 13 years old, and wanting to hit 600+ like the "kewldoods" on YouTube
Magical Waste/5 Using Pizzaz points on blood runes instead of battlestaves Not being banned from botting the minigame yet
One HUEG phone bill/5 Getting DDoS'ed in PvP Being stupid enough to join a Ventrilo server belonging to a "team" you "just met 10 minutes ago"
Your doing it wrong Being friends with Mod Mark Climbing Boots
4/5 Training Crafting by cutting onyxes 67 Crafting doesn't mean that you should ever need to use it
DERP/5 Dharok'ing at God Wars Dungeon A head harder than your helmet


Using Corrupt Zuriel's to Ice Barrage at mummies for "faster exp"

Being a pure

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