Mine! makes none

Mining is the process of smashing up a rock to gain ore out of it


Thats it.

Different types of rocksEdit

By our Article Quality assurance editor Phil Quota

You've got a fair amount of rocks here that you can mine for their ore, as with a skill this dull you need variety.

  • Tin Ore - Easy to mine, shit for anything else.
  • Copper Ore - Same as above.
  • Silver Ore - Nothing to do with squashing the shitty psychic bastard from Sonic 06 and then mashing it with a pickaxe.

(Stormy, take your Sonic hatred somewhere else, kthx.)

  • Coal - The first ore actually worth something, takes a fucking age to mine at 40- Mining.
  • Gold Ore - ZOMG GOLD! I'M RICH! ...Wait what?
  • Mithril Ore - As a general rule of thumb for skills, the middle stuff is slow, low profit and a pain in the arse. This is middle stuff.
  • Adamantite Ore - Nothing interesting here. Keep botting.
  • Runite Ore - Oh the epicness - 20k an've waited so long for this, so many days botting...and now its finally here...the great easy money...LOLURBANNED.

The other rocks - we're not the Daily Star leaving out vital details now you know.

  • Clay - the best exp going.
  • Gem Rocks - To think World 2 had a use...driving the prices of diamonds to 20,000 GP...and now gem rocks are shit again. Bloody idiots.
  • Rubium Ore - Be honest, you forgot this exists too.
  • Concentrated Coal Rock - Because one ore per rock sucks.
  • Concentrated Gold Rock - Variety is the spice of life, innit man
  • Living Rock Minerals - OH EXPLOITABLE


All ores suck. Just crush everything; you can't take it outside.

  • Novite ore - Noob.
  • Bathus ore - Less nooby.
  • Mamaros ore - GOLD AND SHINY
  • Kratonium ore - Boring
  • Fractite ore - OMFG EPICNESS!!! (free to play nub)

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