The Mahjarrat are a race of mages. At first they looked shit but then Jagex planned an update for them which eventually came out of the closet to early because some Jamflex creative designer leaked his new shitty images into the world. He is now worshipped by noobs and there is a statue of him being built at noob city .

They came from a place called Feneskrae, which seems to be in a state of constant war, so the noobs fled to Gilienor. Just like Superman, they discovered they had Überstrong Powers and abused them to such an extend that at a certain point a Mahjarrat called Zamorak banished a god, one named Zemouregal attacked Varrock (see this page for more info) and one named Lucien stole the Stone of Jas.
As everyone knows, superpowers also cost you much. In case of the Mahjarrat they have to have some kind of ritual each couple of hundred years in order to survive. This usually ends with one of them getting killed. Oh, and did I mention that many of them have the ego of Donald Trump?

Known MahjarratEdit

  • Akthanakos: A dude with a camelhead.. Sounds like Detroit. Hates Enakhra.
  • Azzanadra: OMFG he gives über1337magestuff. Fucked up in the head because he hasn't come out of the closet in 4000 years.
  • Bilrach: Digs in Daemonheim.
  • Enakhra: "Hawt!... oh wait, she is Zamorak's chick, right?" Hates Akthanakos
  • Hazeel: Zamorak's bro. Worshipped by a bunch of lonely noobs.
  • Jhallan: A noob Mahjarrat who likes to imitate a Muspah. He was later sacrificed in the Ritual of the Mahjarrat by Lucien for being a pussy.
  • Khazard: Has a skeleton dog and an army for some reason. Also has a wanna-be-superman fortress with lots of iron dragons and steel dragons. Also, he can't die.
  • Kharshai: "Come out, come out, whereever you are".
  • Lamistard: Sacrificed because he put an ugly hole in the wall of Zemouregal's basement.
  • Lucien: Coward who needs more power to feel secure. He also managed to fatally piss off some dragon-like dudes. You don't wanna piss them off...
  • Palkeera: KIA. Khazard's mother.
  • Sliske: Prunescape's biggest troller, and the creator of Barrows (and he wants YOU in that collection, too!). Snape killed Guthix!
  • Wahisietel: : Ali the Wise, duh!
  • Zamorak: God of Chaos.
  • Zemouregal: Cousin of Lucien, hates Varrock because they took a shield that he wanted.
The Almighty Lucien

The Almighty Lucien at the height of his physical strength.

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