Players of RuneScape

Whining PKers
Stormy Times
Player Moderators
L33t H4xx0r5
Ranked Members
Elite Levels
Nomad Beaters
High Levels
While Guthix Sleeps Beaters
The Average RuneScape Player
Forum Overlords
Forum Moderators
Forum Ranters
Low Levels
Whining PKers
Merch Clan Scum
Jagex Apologists

These are the players whom Jagex regularly provide updates for, make up about half of Runescape's population and die off after 2-3 weeks of play, either from boredom or levelling. All of these players are without question faggots, also, you were never on of them.

Regular updates?Edit

Yep, despite already having tonnes upon tonnes of things to do in Runescape, Jagex need to throw out fresh bait on a regular basis to this half of the game, so that they don't decide they'd prefer playing WoW.

Half of Runescape?Edit

Yep, and remember, you were once a member of this 50%, so don't call them noob without reason.

After all, you could be hacked one day, and all your skills could be reset.

Oh, you wanted to know how they make up half of the game?

Simples, thousands of RS players are kids or teens, and the kids that come from Miniclip have such a short attention span, they always forget their password. As a result, for every one new kid playing Runescape, 1000 accounts are made. Hence why Runescape is the worlds's largest free-to-play game.

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