The Longbow Sight is a reward bought with dungeoneering tokens that you can attach to a willow or magic longbow. Attaching it to either longbow makes that longbow a piece of shit adds to its ranged accuracy.

Sighted magic longbows are the most accurate ranged weapon in RuneScape. Does nothing against melee armour, because it is MeleeScape. GF 10k tokens.

Pros of buying this rewardEdit

-You can make the price of your mage longbow (less than 1000 coins) relatively worth it, as it is now way more accurate.

-Free to players can give themselves the illusion that melee is NOT overpowered anymore.



Cons of buying this rewardEdit

-Doesn't actually make the bow stronger, just makes it hit more often.

-Can't be attached to the dark bow, yew longbow, crystal bow, and most other types of longbows.

-Wastes about 10k tokens on something nobody really wants

-All shortbows are preferred over longbows, since everyone knows dps (damage per second) is more important than accuracy.

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